The Kodec Connect Consulting Limited team is made up of HR experts who are dedicated to helping you utilize the very best of your employee’s talent through strategic training and development programs that deliver results. Training and coaching is a collaborative relationship that helps employees to identify and eliminate any barriers that prevent them from high performance and attaining their full potential in their various positions.

We believe it’s the healthiest and most sustainable way to run a business. By listening and understanding your business needs, we develop a practical training approach that is tailored to your employees and groom them in current courses that will broaden their skills, careers, and lives so that they can be more efficient in their current position in your organization.

We are reputable for maximising the potentials of employees within any business environment.

Identifying High Performers

The ability to identify and nourish key talents is vital to organizational workforce planning and long-term performance.

Kodec Connect Consulting Limited approach to identifying, engaging, and developing the right talent can help your organization motivate and retain employees that have the desire and potential of becoming tomorrow’s leader. Our robust evaluation of relevant technical skills, commercial experience, behavioral attributes, motivation and career interest are considered when creating a dynamic development plan for each individual.

Training Approach

Our training approach encourages a dynamic and systematic solution-focused process of setting goals, taking proactive action to ensure sustainable behavioral change, reflecting on new understandings, desired organizational results, and long-term potential.

Our solution-focused training approach has helped numerous organizations to attract, train, motivate, retain and develop top talents as well as significantly contributing to your organizational growth and development.

Kodec Connect Consulting Limited has over the years, developed a wide range of training solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of our clients. These include:

*  Technical Individual Brainteasers

Here, Participants will take part in advanced technical brainteasers that will assess and develop high reasoning and mental alertness through tailored class exercises and group work.

* Explosive Group or Team Visuals

With well-designed slides and results-focused approach and training, we utilize powerful slides with images and videos to instill points. Thus, promoting faster learning and retention capabilities in your workforce.

* Engaging Role Play

Through advanced practical approach, we engage participants with entertaining yet enlightening activities that put your employees in a doer position rather than just theoretical empowerment.

* Improved Team Dynamics

With our well-tailored and practical training approach, we take our participants through motivating and engaging activities that will boost and strengthen team spirit.

Our Training

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