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At Kodec, we are proud of our exceptional research services to various organisations. Kodec known for its evaluation expertise and data analysis, we are deeply committed to quality information and action-ability of the understanding we deliver to our clients.

Our research operations are fully internalized, from project design to presentation of findings.  We concentrate on market research solutions to our clients in various segments of the economy, such as: Manufacturing, Banking & Finance, Media Communication, Advertising, Foods and Beverages, Retail, Telecommunication, etc. 

Our real network of field operations and partners cut across West, East and North Africa sub-regions. This provides us with local field coverage and insights unique to each market. 

Our mandate is to provide our clients with cutting edge market research designs, data collection and data analysis solutions through an open and transparent relationship, aimed at achieving common goals and establishing long-lasting co-operations. 


What We do?

 We conduct Research on the following:

       1.  Customer Experience: Kodec will provide you with actionable insights and intelligence to help you deliver a superior 

          customer experience, in return for greater financial returns and long-term commitment from your customers.


         We approach the market differently in the area of customer's experience. We combine active listening at every touchpoint with

         sophisticated analytical techniques,providing yoou with the straight-talking feedback, insight and action plans you need to

         address problems, improve loyalty and grow your business.


    2.  Employee Research: Kodec will identify exactly which issues you need to address and how to sustainably improve your

        ''people performance''.


   3.  Markets & Opportunities Research: Kodec will help you evaluate the ''size of the prize'', report to you what competitors are

        doing and find the most effective route to potential buyers. We can help you craft your proposition to ensure it truly connects 

        with what the market wants.


   4.  Product Research: Building on our unique expertise in b2b markets, we provide the insight you need throughout the entire

       development cycle - from idea generation through to concept testing, opportunity assessment, prototype testing and post-

       launch evaluation.


   5.  Branding Research: Kodec will offer you a comprehensive range of brand research services, built on our unique experience

       supporting many of the world's strongest b2b brands.