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Verification Services


Employers of labor and business owners are often victims of fraudulent employees due to their negligence in fully carrying out their background checks during recruitment. The frantic effort of companies in hiring people who will add value to their establishment without properly running a check on the credibility and authenticity of the information given by such individuals during the interviews inadvertently makes the organization vulnerable. It is becoming a thing of concern for business owners to conduct background checks for their employees due to the onslaught of crimes and vices perpetrated by trusted employees whose important personal details could not be accounted for. From our professional experiences, a lot of employees give fake information about themselves which include; their names, ages, marital details etc. thereby having the organization at the receiving end whenever a crime or questionable issue arises. This background check is for all categories of employees.

Kodec is equipped in proffering solutions to organization on the needs for background checks of their employees. With the expertise of our experienced professionals, a detailed verification on the validity of employee records is conducted, allowing the organization to confidently focus on other management issues. We are devoted in building a long lasting partnership among employees and the employers through our quality services.

Our various Background check includes:

 1.   Academic Qualification Check (Primary, Secondary & Higher Institutions)

 2.   Address Check

 3.   Past Employee Check

 4.   Professional Certification Verification

 5.   Guarantor & Reference Checks

 6.   General Verification of the authenticity of resume