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Changing your career? Or making your hobby a career? Find out how

By cathey.ebong on February, 28 2013

Being a Human Resource Outsourcing company has exposed us to numerous career issues people usually encounter, most especially reasons why certain people are not able to clinch most jobs they apply for.

We are not saying you have to get all the jobs you apply for (you can’t work everywhere of course), but you should record some level of success for every vacancy you indicate interest in, let it be that you turn down the offer for one reason or the other which is the reason for this article.

We are glad to share some of our discoveries: 

What to do?

When applying for jobs as an experienced professional who simply wants to take a step ahead or change your career path, or as a newbie in the employment market, apart from the regular tips for writing a good CV and making it presentable, ensure you take a very good look at your Cv before submission with the following in mind: