Advanced Drivers Training

Advanced Drivers Training 

Nov 27th (₦30,000)



The importance of quality drivers to an organization cannot be overemphasized. While efficient and standard drivers ensure the safety their boss from home to work, adhere to schedules, maximize fuel efficiency, and ensure their employers get to their place of work and business meetings on time. Poor drivers pose safety risks, drive inefficiently, and are liable to run late – disrupting schedules and providing poor service and performance to their employers which will, in turn, have a negative impact on the organization.

However, the high demand for a quality corporate driver is one of the main reasons why you need to equip yourself with this special driver training to groom yourself with all the necessary skill and knowledge that will set you aside from the multitude of inexperienced drivers seeking to drive in a standard organization.

This special driver training is therefore fundamental to any driver who desires career development. Our training process is intense and involves written and practical tests on a variety of topics which includes health and safety.

Duration (instead of Qty)

1 Day

Target Audience

  • Corporate drivers

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