OCT 20 – 21 (₦40,000)

One of the vital keys towards a successful enterprise is effective communication. The present era places great importance on good communication and presentation skills because they play an important role in convincing customers and clients to patronize the value you offer. Understanding the process of communication, the role of confidence, the strategy of thinking & speaking, mastering the non-verbal communication, how to effectively manage your audience, and devising a better approach to managing your message is what guarantees a huge sale and repeated client patronage. Exceptional staff communication and presentation ability portray the confidence of an organization. While internally, management with a good communicational skill is better able to present the mission and vision of the organization to the employees.

However, if these two key essentials are either missing or substantial in your organization or personal life, then it’s time you looked at developing your communication and presentation skills. Personal development training geared towards improving your communication and presentation skills or that of your staff will empower you and your organization with a more confident workforce which is vital towards achieving a significant organization growth. Also, this training enables you or your staffs to be organized and well presented.

Duration: 1 Day
Target Audience: All Staff

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