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How Well Do You Know Your Employees?

For years, employers of labor and business owners have fallen victim of fraudulent employees due to their negligence in fully carrying out background checks on each employee prior to their recruitment. We believe that the frantic effort of companies in hiring people who will add value to their establishment without properly running a check on the credibility and authenticity of the information provided by a potential employee during interviews inadvertently makes the organization vulnerable.

From our professional experiences, a lot of employees provide fake information about themselves which include; their names, ages, marital details, and work experience etc. thereby tarnishing the reputation and image of the organization whenever a crime or questionable issue arise.

However, it is becoming a thing of major concern for business owners to conduct proper background checks on their employees due to the onslaught of crimes and vices perpetrated by trusted employees whose important personal details could not be accounted for.

To curb this dilemma even before it happens and remove the hassle faced by busy directors and executives in conducting a proper investigation and wasting good resources which would have been allocated to the growth of the company, Kodec Connect Consulting Limited offers robust and rigid background check for all categories of employees no matter the business environment.

We are proficient in proffering solutions to an organization in need of in-depth background check on their employees. Equipped with highly reputable professionals with years of proven successful track records, we carry out detailed verification of the validity of each employee’s records. Thus, allowing the organization to confidently focus on other managerial issues. We are devoted to building a long-lasting partnership with both employers and employees respectively through the provision of quality services.

In-depth Background check Tailored To Your Employees:

 1.   Verifications & References

Our experts are well trained and equipped to deliver on the various aspects of our verifications. Some of our verifications include:

a)      Names authenticity

b)      Address validity check

c)      Spouse details (if married)

d)      Parents/Guardian details

e)      Guarantor’s check

f)       Fidelity guarantee/Integrity report (Attestation from neighbours, friends, relations & referees of good reputation)

g)      Criminal record

2.         Credit & Finance Check

With a proper credit & finance check on your employees, you can trust them with money and other financial duties.  Under the credit & finance checks we focus on the following:

a)      Credit reports from past employees

b)      Personal Credit Report

c)      Executive & Non-Executive due diligence

d)      Directorship due diligence

3.           Criminal Check

We understand that every organization is sceptical about crimes and would not want a criminal working in their mist. Our experts sometimes use identifiers to ensure that we get the right information and achieve results.

The Checks conducted includes:

a)      Criminal Check

b)      Police record check

c)      Present Employer check

d)      Past Employer Check

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Founder & CEO, Arcade Systems