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Kodec actively seeks people of different skills, knowledge, tools and experience; professionals and individuals who desire to build and be the best in their career.

We place great value in attracting and developing highly talented individuals whose focus will be on the effective and efficient operation of our clients' business.

Hope for Students

At Kodec, it is our plan to bring back those days of glory when students were accustomed to “vacation jobs”. With our network of companies and partners, we strive to provide our youths with jobs while on holidays. Besides this, we can generate contract employment based on seasonal needs. Kodec has a team of professionals to put you through the challenges of migrating from student life to the employment world. Our model is simple and will be helpful to students whom we consider as our “greater tomorrow”.



Thinking of making a career move? You can uncover exciting and wonderful opportunities in a market of boundless options and prospects!

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